Red Box Project to go to San Francisco

Look out west coast that box really does get around. Red Box has been invited to go back to it's humble beginnings in San Francisco.

The date is set in the Beginning of November 2007.

I will be showing more individual portraits. and of course the images that are on this blog, but ain't nothing like the real thing.

Here was the graphic image used to advertise the 3rd installement of the much talked about Redbox Project. At the event individuals find themselves at a multi-media art feast all thriving off a little red box in the center of the picture. One of Superdeluxe's most highly anticipated events will once again bring to the Tokyo scene the cream of underground artists from around the world each one working within their own mediums to interpret the concept that is Redbox.

The Redbox Project started 5 years ago in San Francisco as a photography project that involved taking pictures of people and situations with the notorious red box. The project grew as more photographers became involved and the little red box has made its way to over 20 countries to this day. Tokyo is now its home and the bi-annual event each time growing in size has made waves in the Tokyo underground art and music scenes.

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Red Box Project

The shoot was AMAZING!! I am so happy how everything turned out. Eventhough I requested 12 models, 3 canceled and 1 was a noshow. but i am happy with 8 women.

They were all beautiful people. The last shot was the idea of one of the models, Jackie. She set the ballin motion and then we took it from there, truly a great collaboration.

This is the theme THINK INSIDE THE BOX

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Red Box Project 1 year anniversary

Tokyo is still calling me back. I have a love hate relationship with that place. Definitely Tokyo is the craziest city I have ever been to, but I also see a deep twisted sickness.

I didn't think I would be back so soon, but it has been 6 months since I have stepped on the soil on Japan.

Look out!

I will be back in Tokyo for a 2 week stint. I have a few projects I need to finish one is shooting something for my "More than a Woman" series that has still not been shown anywhere. Then on July 14th I will help celebrate the 1 year anniversary for "Red Box Project" at Super Delux.


So if anyone is in Tokyo please come to the event. I will have a photo on exhibition. Again, I will be mixing the inspiration from Jimi Hendrix's banned album cover for Electric Lady land. I love that picture! It was my inspriation for Shinjuku Electric lady Land and it is going to be my inspiration for the red box project too

I have a few ideas for the shoot, i want to take it beyond what "red box project" has already done. They usually have street snaps culture around the world. In one way they are always bringing the box out into the world, so i want to bring the world back into the world of the red box. This is going to be my present to the "Red Box Project" So i decided to shoot in a studio in a very controlled setting but with real women not professional models.
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Chinese New Year! from Becky


It has been over 8 years since I have been in NYC to celebrate Chinese New Year. A lot has changed. Firstly there are no more firecrackers. Somehow I miss the smell of gunpowder and the red paper strewn all over the streets of chinatown mixed with ice and snow. Instead there are these "crackers" that pop multi colored paper in the air. More of a carnival feel. So proud of my cousins Elliott and Theon, during my time in Japan they created their own club, THE GOLDEN LIONS!

So amazing to see them taking charge of everything and directing the younger kids for the parade throughout Chinatown, playing the drums, doing the lion's head.
Gug hey Phot Choy

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New York NY a Hella-va Town!


It was all quite sudden, but I finally made the leap back to being based back here in my hometown. NYC NYC!!! What a great city. I love it. Unseasonably warm this year, when i first got back walking around the touristy areas, i caught the grinch talking to a NYC Police officer. Gotta love it!

One of the last things I did in Japan was shoot a personal project called "More Than A Woman" everyone has to look out for it. I hope to show it in France Summer 2007.
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Booty Camp event! Reggaeton


The first ever Reggaeton Bikini Night at club Midas was a hit, over 300 people showed up and girls in bikini danced til dawn, shaking their sexy booties everywhere. kaori Kobayashi did a great job of airbrushing the booty camp logo on all the girls butts, chest and stomachs. thanks for that one kaori. everyone loved it.

The singer Ring from the band vovotau did a secret live performance with her two sexy dancers and Los Kalibres also freestyled for the crowds, bringing it all down!!!~!!

Next event is a joint event with First Fridays pimp-o-ween. hope to see everyone there.


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La Chinita reggaeton

since the 3p group is busy around the world. Miss Mari in london with her husband and miss Pei with her dye-zu clan. Feeling quite alone and sad. Would love to go across America with the gang, but will have to work too hard for too little.
So what is the solution???


I was in NY about 3-4 weeks ago and my good friend took me to this latin, bikini bar. i loved it!! all sexy latina girls from around south america in micro thongs shaking their booties. boobing up and down, all around giggle giggle giggle, shake shake shake.

I took this picture at the BOOTY CAMP studio in DUMBO brooklyn. It is a dominican girl Rosaline. we did a booty casting and rosaline had the sexiest booty by far. right amount of muscle and meat!
she has the butt for booty camp, hope to find another good booty for future stuff with booty camp.

Decided to make a reggaeton night in tokyo. i will DJ for the first time. as DJ la chinita at midas club in roppongi on july 21st
wish me luck i surely need it.

muchos luvos to the reaggaeton crowd

la chinita

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In NY working with icelandic Mafia

Since going to Iceland i have befriended the icelandic mafia. They are a group of super talented creative souls that are as powerful and raw a force as the landscape in iceland.

Steel and Knife stylist Etta and Hrafnildur aka Shoplifter teamed up with makeup artist Andrea and icelandic model Elizabeth to create some cool new images in New York. This is the same team that put together Bjork's last album cover Medulla. Shoplifter made some special hair art/clothes just for this shoot. The flying leg with pink hair, the purple mohawk hoodie etc. The editor was Tomoko Yano of BIG in new york. They are a super talented group and i feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work with them. the pictures will be out in Relax Magaine's "Magical hair" issue July 2006. check it out.

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The girls are back in Town

With Mari Sarai recently married and living in London England, Pai and the dyezu crew moving their offices and Becky traveling around the world on various location shoots the threesome have been hard pressed to see each other.

But It was at Edwin and Space Shower TV's "Blue Trip" that had the dynamic threesome barefoot in the sand and dancing to the live music of Miceteeth. WE LOVE 3P!!
may the legacy live on and continue making cool fun projects!


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3P Press coverage

Message from Becky Yee

The 3P phenomenon is spreading throughout the world. The art exhibition appeared on some television shows in America and Europe so if anyone has the time. Check out the link and you can see the interview with mari, becky and pai!!
go to the party time, fashion photographers collaborate etc. etc.

speaking of 3P...

I think the combined power of the three of us is something really special.

Ms. Mari, soon to be Mrs. Mari is in England her work appears in Dazed and confused (England) magazine, Pai shot the last two Edwin jeans campaigns, Becky has won the PDN 2005 photo annual for a men's fashion catalog she shot last year. We hope to do another project this summer. I hope to do another collaboration of Hiroshi Homma meets 3P. were all 4 of us get in a car and drive cross country in America. Looking for sponsors now so if anyone has any great ideas. please email us.


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