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Preparations of the exhibition

3 days of no sleep. We all pulled in tons of favors and asked everyone to help us put our exhibition together. Miyuki was the most experienced one of us with 3 other exhibitions under her belt. She gave me the best ideas on how to hang our exhibition with velcro and also how to mix glue.

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「3p: All girls camera orgy」 - BECKY YEE & MARI SARAI & MIYUKI PAI HIRAI


会場:hpgrp【エイチピージーアールピー】>hpgrp Official Site<
アッシュ・ぺー・フランス(株)が新たな実験的スペースとしてたちあげたショップ・プレス・アートスペース 。
〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座6-9-16 Tel.03-5537-2740 Fax.03-5537-0830
[OPEN] 12:00~21:00(mon-sat), 11:00~20:00(sun & holiday)
Photographer:BECKY YEE(Commune), MARI SARAI(Angle), MIYUKI PAI HIRAI
★I LOVE 3PオリジナルTシャツ:1,700円<オープニングパーティのみ限定で販売>

Message from BECKY YEE

The birth of 3P
For over a year I have been dreaming of putting together a photo art exhibition with all female photographer. I wanted to help promote a publicly strong independent female image in Japan. I think the women in Japan are very strong willed, but because of many cultural reasons, women in high profile role models are too few.

I think that Japan has many cool female photographers that are working commercially and in the art world. So I just wanted to help further promote their names and the type of work they do to a wider market.
I had been kicking around this idea of an all female photographers exhibition for a few months and when I had some down time in a café my mind and imagination would wander and dream about putting together an exhibition.

I was at the Be Natural modeling agencies art exhibition held at Claska when I ran into another female photographer Mari Sarai. I love her to death. We are twins. Not only do we look similar and we also have a lot of energy, and very capable at doing our jobs, but at heart we can be really girlie and to many people`s disbelief can be very shy.
Drunk and silly, mari said to me `hey I have never had an exhibition like this, I want to do one` and I knew then and their that Mari and I would be doing an exhibition together. I really respect her vision and am very happy to be collaborating with such a talented artist.

Then about a month later during golden week at a bar-b-que on a hill in yoyogi koen, I met up with Mari again. We were full of drink and good laughter. The crowd was mostly hair and make up artist, stylists, PR people and of course many photographers. We all had our snap cameras in our hands and we were taking pictures of ourselves and our friends getting silly, some photographers even double fisted with cameras
Flashes were flying all over the place it was like a red carpet scene, we were our own personal paparazzi.
It was too much. We were riding high on just plain fun and craziness for an intense 5-10 minutes. It was such a natural high it was just as much fun as sex.
A bit overindulgent and sometimes too much for the senses but everyone was just loving it. That night I went home and thought of the name. Mixing sex industry porn words and what we did that night and I labeled it “ a camera orgy”.
I thought maybe we can grab a ton of female photographers but then I heard of the slang 3p which means Menage-a-trios so I wanted to make the exhibition with only 3 female photographers. I had nothing to write with at my apt so I used a black eye liner and wrote on a scrap of paper 3p: ALL GIRLS CAMERA ORGY.

The next day I called a friend who worked at HP france and asked if she would be interested in hosting a great cool art exhibition happening that is going to shake up Tokyo fashion, music and art scene. I pitched her the idea of using 3 photographers, each would get a floor in a building and then we would share one floor where we collaborated on a photo shoot.
Finding the 3rd person who would fit well with mari and I was a challenge. Here are so many cool female photographers in Tokyo but it had to be a person who could get silly and have fun with us too. I looked at all the female photographers who work commercially but was a little undecided about who would be a good team for 3P. I am so happy that Pai is a part of the team. Mari and I go off the deep end and she is a great balance.

Message from MARI SARAI

半年くらい前に、”BE NATURAL”っていう事務所の写真展に行った。
”Hey, girl ! Let's do it ! ”って。














私たちのエネルギーの流れる行為がCAMERA ORGY。
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