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iceland adventure

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I am just back in Tokyo from my shoot to Iceland. What an amazing country!! It is the closest thing to the center of the earth that I can think of. The landscape in Iceland is just like bjorks music, raw, untamed and wild energy. They earth is just cracking open and stuff spews out of it, steam rising from the ground, the geysers (geysir is a town in Iceland and the origin of the word) you really hear the earth thump like a heart beat, a deep resonating beat from the belly of the earth and then hot water gushes out 30 meters into
the air. One geyser they tried to find the bottom of it but haven't reachedthe bottom. The locals believe it reaches to the center of the earth! Needless to say these people are deep.

Speaking of the Icelandic people, They are really wonderful there. Total individualists and lover of the arts and music but also wild and crazy (from their Viking origins) when they get drunk as they often do, they are nuts, as the Icelandic contribution to the English language is the word "bezerk" they really
get wild and the club Sirikus in the capital of Reykjavik can attest to that craziness.

One girl wanted to dance on a table, so she stepped up on a chair, then
kicked everyone's drinks off the table, glass crashing down and littering
the floor and then she started to dance and was so drunk she fell off the table into the people sitting at the table adjacent to the one she was dancing on. Didn't apologize and no one minded. She just got up and right back on to the table and started dancing again. It looked like something out of the movie "Gladiators" after the soldiers just won the war.

I heard other stories, one was of some guy who was so belligerent when he was drunk his friend tried to hold him down and straddled his body so as to pin his body and arms down to the ground to calm him down. His friend who was pinned down responded by biting the
face of the friend trying to help and giving him a few stitches on his lip. There are no hard feelings and they are still friends as the one who was pinned down said, "What did you expect me to do? It was my only choice in the matter! Anyway, we clinked
glasses afterwards and drank on till the morning."

Iceland also has amazing northern lights or aurora borealis. I have never photographed the aurora borealis but did my geeky nerdy thing and looked it
up on the web. The photos came out fine, I used the formula 400 ASA provia
4.5 for 1 minute. The northern lights are an amazing thing to see and was on
my list of things to do before I die. So happy I can scratch that one off my

Icelandic people also strongly believe in elves, fairies and rock trolls or as they call them "The hidden people," who live in a parallel universe, but share the same land and space. According to the Icelandic lore, the various hidden people (about 12 different races) speak Icelandic and travel to Norway (why no one knows). They have tons of stories about all construction machinery breaking b/c they are trying to destroy a rock that is in the way, but then just resolve to build the road around the rock and then the equipment works fine.

Here is a picture of me by the blue lagoon (hot spring/onsen) next to what I believe to be a rock trolls house.
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Shinjuke Electric Lady Land - Photos by BECKY YEE

Message from Becky Yee
Shinjuku Electric Lady Land - images on the ceiling
I had the feeling this year that art was dead. We have seen everything in raw living color. Magazines like VICE make sure or it (love that mag). I thought that there would be more of a move to show what we couldn`t see. The spirit and light energy that people have. I think Spirituality would be making a big comeback.

My friend Kanya gave me a book on the kaballah and I really liked it and believe in light energy. I liked the idea of the eyes of the spirit and the eyes of the mortal. With our mortal eyes we are very limited to the physicial senses but the eyes of the spirit can feel a lot more depth.

I am also a huge fan of shinjuku`s kabukicho. Which is the red light area with tons of sex shops and strip clubs. So I had an idea of mixing the two spirituality and sexuality. I was thinking about the 60`s and an album my father had by Jimi Hendrix called Electric Lady Land and it had images of about 20-30 women completely nude holding Jimi Hendrix`s album. I love that image and it was very impressionable for a little toddler to hold and play with.

I wanted to take images of women and silhouettes of their body and mix it with spiritual and religious images and designs. I had asked about 20 friends and acquaintances to come and pose naked for me. 9 women showed up to the studio and after I did the setting, I asked one women to take her clothes off. At first everyone was a little shy. I can still remember her saying “Why am I the only one who has to take there clothes off?” “Okay okay” I replied, “I will take my clothes off too.” And I did. At first it was only my top and I did most of the 4 hour photo shoot in only my underwear.

I made sure that the whole studio set was all women even the studio assistants and my assistant. It was a riot at first everyone was a bit self conscious but within a very short time everyone was walking around the set butt naked.
The other women were so funny, they went from being a little timid to take their clothes off to like being at a sento or public bath house. i wanted to shoot everyone at the same time, but with the complex design it was better shooting eveyone one at a time. So there was a lot of down time for my friends who were so wonderful and patient. Half way through the shoot I turn around and I see them all sitting on the floor in a circle, their legs wide open in a V and in the middle of their incongruent circle is a pizza. They ordered pizza and the person who went to the door put on a robe but behind her were 8 other naked models with a naked photographer taking their picture. I heard the pizza guy's eyes popped out of his face he was so shocked but no one even cared we were just so comfortable naked in front of each other.

We all had a great time, laughing and being naked and free . This is defnitely all my hippy parents faults. I was always walking around naked in central park. It was a great memory. And the first time I ever did a photo shoot naked.b0035368_0403281.jpg

Message from Becky Yee
Shinjuku Electric Lady Land main shoot
Photos by BECKY YEE

After shooting 9 of my friends i realized that I wanted to shoot just 1 model and make that the main part of my exhibition. That initial idea came from the president of my management company, Yumi Kunimoto. She suggested it before, but I wasn't convinced until I saw the results of the 1st shoot with my 9 friends. Yumi Nakahara who works for the camel pleasure factory was the most ideal model for the main shoot. she had a great body, slender, gorgeous white skin,big breasts and she was willing to shave her head. The shaved head was key for some of the pictures I wanted to do. Keeping with the theme of mixing sexuality and spirituality and Inspired by shinjuku's kabukicho district (which is the red light district in Tokyo) the neon signs, sex shops and old burlesque strip bars with silhouettes of women's bodies I wanted to shoot one model 3 different ways. I thought the mortal eyes can only see the physical body, but each of us has 2 other dimensions and that is soul and spirit. So 1 person would be photographed in the same pose but one would represent "body", one would represent "soul" and one would represent "spirit".

I didn't have any budget to rent a studio so my friend Yannick was kind enough to lend me his apt. He had tall ceilings and not much furniture so i thought it would be easy to move stuff around to build the kind of set I needed for the shoot. I know when I showed up with all of the lighting equipment he was shocked and a bit worried that we would be messing up his wood floor so I took extra special care when I moved any equipment around. I knew the space was tight so i didn;t even request an assistant to help on the shoot because they couldn't fit in the apt.

I built the set the night before the shoot and reshot my friend Hikari, Yuko, Mai and my friend Rey's girlfriend. The set was already made but i wanted to get a full body standing shot of the model and realized that there was not enough distance in the living room so I had to be in a tiny kitchen while the model was in the living room. I had to squeeze in between the 4 x 5 view camera and the refridgerator everytime I needed to adjust something on the set or fix something on the model. it was like a comedy.
Stylist extrodinaire Kinko Abiko was so kind to bring a dress she borrowed from Irie press room, a french label that fit the theme perfectly. Everything seemed like it would go smoothly, but the pictures representing "body" were really difficult. I asked last minute if Noboru Tomizawa super famous amazing hair and make up artist to bring two wigs and do the hair. Even though he is more of a make up person I had already asked Aki Matsuhisa to do the make up. They are both wonderful people and talented artist but they just did not fit as a team. So frustration, some fighting and disagreements, very real and human problems arouse and it took 5 hours to do the hair and make up and still everyone was not 100% satisfied with the results.

We were all so tired, we had been shooting since 10am and it was nearing 10pm. We were already wearing out our welcome at my friends place and we almost gave up and discussed shooting the rest another day, but I had to return the equipment tomorrow and didn't want to impose any more on my friend so we decided to finish up that night.

Then it was another 2 hours to do silver and gold body painting on the model we were exhausted but when we all saw the first poloroid for the pictures that represent "soul" everyone's mood shifted and really it was so powerful that we all felt a warm light. Aki's idea of having the gold around her chest was so great, because we thought the soul comes from around your chest whearas your spirit is more around your stomach, belly button area.

The photos representing "spirit" was a breeze. some technical problems but they were very natural.
here are the resuts of that days shoot. I want to give a big thanks to the crew Noboru Tomizawa, Kinko Abiko, Aki Matsuhisa, Yumi Nakahara and Yannick




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「3p: All girls camera orgy」 - BECKY YEE & MARI SARAI & MIYUKI PAI HIRAI


会場:hpgrp【エイチピージーアールピー】>hpgrp Official Site<
アッシュ・ぺー・フランス(株)が新たな実験的スペースとしてたちあげたショップ・プレス・アートスペース 。
〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座6-9-16 Tel.03-5537-2740 Fax.03-5537-0830
[OPEN] 12:00~21:00(mon-sat), 11:00~20:00(sun & holiday)
Photographer:BECKY YEE(Commune), MARI SARAI(Angle), MIYUKI PAI HIRAI
★I LOVE 3PオリジナルTシャツ:1,700円<オープニングパーティのみ限定で販売>

Message from BECKY YEE

The birth of 3P
For over a year I have been dreaming of putting together a photo art exhibition with all female photographer. I wanted to help promote a publicly strong independent female image in Japan. I think the women in Japan are very strong willed, but because of many cultural reasons, women in high profile role models are too few.

I think that Japan has many cool female photographers that are working commercially and in the art world. So I just wanted to help further promote their names and the type of work they do to a wider market.
I had been kicking around this idea of an all female photographers exhibition for a few months and when I had some down time in a café my mind and imagination would wander and dream about putting together an exhibition.

I was at the Be Natural modeling agencies art exhibition held at Claska when I ran into another female photographer Mari Sarai. I love her to death. We are twins. Not only do we look similar and we also have a lot of energy, and very capable at doing our jobs, but at heart we can be really girlie and to many people`s disbelief can be very shy.
Drunk and silly, mari said to me `hey I have never had an exhibition like this, I want to do one` and I knew then and their that Mari and I would be doing an exhibition together. I really respect her vision and am very happy to be collaborating with such a talented artist.

Then about a month later during golden week at a bar-b-que on a hill in yoyogi koen, I met up with Mari again. We were full of drink and good laughter. The crowd was mostly hair and make up artist, stylists, PR people and of course many photographers. We all had our snap cameras in our hands and we were taking pictures of ourselves and our friends getting silly, some photographers even double fisted with cameras
Flashes were flying all over the place it was like a red carpet scene, we were our own personal paparazzi.
It was too much. We were riding high on just plain fun and craziness for an intense 5-10 minutes. It was such a natural high it was just as much fun as sex.
A bit overindulgent and sometimes too much for the senses but everyone was just loving it. That night I went home and thought of the name. Mixing sex industry porn words and what we did that night and I labeled it “ a camera orgy”.
I thought maybe we can grab a ton of female photographers but then I heard of the slang 3p which means Menage-a-trios so I wanted to make the exhibition with only 3 female photographers. I had nothing to write with at my apt so I used a black eye liner and wrote on a scrap of paper 3p: ALL GIRLS CAMERA ORGY.

The next day I called a friend who worked at HP france and asked if she would be interested in hosting a great cool art exhibition happening that is going to shake up Tokyo fashion, music and art scene. I pitched her the idea of using 3 photographers, each would get a floor in a building and then we would share one floor where we collaborated on a photo shoot.
Finding the 3rd person who would fit well with mari and I was a challenge. Here are so many cool female photographers in Tokyo but it had to be a person who could get silly and have fun with us too. I looked at all the female photographers who work commercially but was a little undecided about who would be a good team for 3P. I am so happy that Pai is a part of the team. Mari and I go off the deep end and she is a great balance.

Message from MARI SARAI

半年くらい前に、”BE NATURAL”っていう事務所の写真展に行った。
”Hey, girl ! Let's do it ! ”って。














私たちのエネルギーの流れる行為がCAMERA ORGY。
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