HD video shoots that I have worked on

So the trend of using digital slr's has turned to photographers shooting video
here are some video projects I have worked on.

This model had a great body, not too lean not too big and her legs!!!! OMG they were up to my chin. She was so much taller than everyone on the set.

one more

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I Shot and Produced a Video on Canon 7D!

NYC Fashoin Week 2010,
Starting with Elisa Hyman, BackStage Style Diary
Special shout out to uber fabulous editor Tod lautenberg! your the bomb!

Armed and Dangerous with my Canon 7D set to take over the video world!
going to Isaac Mizrahi, The Blonds and L.A.M.B. later today.
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GQ Germany

We will all miss Tempelhof Airport.
What an amazing structure and the portal out of the isoloation for West Berliners when the wall was still up. DJ Hell was stylish as always in Martin Margiela
I love nightime shoots. Photo by the Master of Midnight aka Becky Yee

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Metamorphic Spirit - Making of

It will be part of the Media Facades Festival in October 17-Nov 23rd, 2008 on the Gasometer in Berlin Germany.

I had to fly back to Berlin (can you believe 2 times this summer!) to create the project. A big thanks to the Gravis (apple) Store. They were one of the sponsors for the festival!

Here is the making of images


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Working in Hamburg Germany with DJ Hell

Met a friends friend Lauren Devain and wound up going to hamburg, Germany to debut DJ Hell's new release. he had this cool mask that was 3 meters tall and then projected a video of his face on it. very cool stuff. I was able to use my japanese Shibari skills to secure the mask which was really funny.
Photo by Helmut Lutsch -

The mask was made by
Dipl. Ing. Helmut M. Lutsch It was their first time to see if it worked and it was amazing how they made it. First from a scan of DJ Hells face and then created a model in 3 layers and them put it together. Extrememly talented model maker.


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Metamorphic Spirit

•What do your inner sacred
worlds look like; which fragile
and pure animals are hidden
in us in the jungle of urban
•How are residents in Berlin able to sustain
their sanity and well being? How are they able to survive the stresses of city Living?


In Cities there are no more animals! so this project was almost named "Where have all the animals gone" and the answer was they are with us in spirit! and that we need to be animals in order to be civilized and orderly to make the society work. we all need our secret personalities!

This is the theme that Yuka Oyama and i choose to pitch. oringinally we proposed it for a art festival in Spain. Yuka and i spent a week of hard wrk writing that pitch, skyping and emailing back and forth. it was modern living as she is in berlin and I am in New York. We were so upset when it wasn't selected for the Spain festival, but happy to find out we were selected for Media Facades Art Festival in Berlin.

So thinking about this project, i was so surprised that when i asked many people what their animal spirit was some people knew right away! and it was things like "I am a jellyfish!" or "Im a spider!" of course you got the typical i am a cat or some cute animal thing that they hoped they would be, but I am much more interested in what animal our personality is really like even if it is not such a popular animal.

I ask my friends do I look like this? I discovered that I am a hyena. What a mean mofo i can be, but i do like team work! ha ha ha
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New Life Berlin Art Festival


If anyone is in Berlin,
June 4th at KiM - Brunnen Strasse 10 / Mitte, berlin

The Back to the Streets series photos will be part of a projection show.

Very excited. I came to Berlin on a whiim, and did not do so many preparations for coming here but when i first arrived, and was sitting down for a brockwurst and beer and look up and see a big billboard for the festival and then still not recovered from the shock of seeing that i hear my name called, look to my right and there is Junko, a japanese woman I shot a denim catalog with in Okinawa. Small world!
I put up the "Back to the Streets" images up as it mixes old shopping street of Sugamo nickenamed the harajuku for grannies with the kids from the actual harajuku

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Participated in Spencer Tunic photo

Well, I always ask my friends to get naked for my personal projects so...I would never ask anyone to do something that I wouldn't do myself. I received a mail from Ladies Lotto, a super cool email group for networking. There was a call for people to participate in the lastest Spencer tunic photo project.

I wanted to do that at least once in my life, so on Sat, March 22, 2008 totally hung over from the night before. I had my grandmother's 85th b-day party and then Jezebel's b-day party. After spending time with my family

the Family that puts the FUN in dysFUNction!

Too much emotional baggage, was totally self destructive and lost my mind til 3am. Some how I managed to wake up get showered and drag my hung over booty to the four season's hotel on 52nd and park ave.

Someof the photos that were taken that day were going to be auctioned off for Charity to raise money for NYC free arts program. They used a giangantic Poloroid 24 x 24 or something like that. a dream camera to work with and since polaroid was discontinuing the film something very special.

All the participants had represented every body type, young old, skinny, fat and everything in between, everyone was very brave and confident about themselves. One woman commented, "I am doing this for a good cause...who the hell am I kidding, I am doing this for myself!" and she laughed and enjoyed showing off her beautifully proportioned naked form.

i loved it. Nothing sexual just people in their most natural state. can't wait to see the photo. we all get a copy for participating in it.

The best experience was probably walking through the entry of the Four Season's to the actual area where we took the photo. There was a passage way, marble floors and over 40 foot ceilings, and there was just a stream of naked people causually walking and talking. What a fabulous experience.

It apeared on ABC morning news and Page Six too!
here is the Link
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Women and Children's Shelter in Spanish Harlem

Another female photographer asked me to participate in a project taking portraits and families that live in a "Women in Need" residence in Spanish Harlem. Mainly single mom's in 20-30's with 3-4 children, most who said they have "never had their picture taken" We had hair and make up and we did holiday portraits.

It was a pro bono job and i felt so rewarded with gratitude and warm happy feelings. Most of the moms and kids had scars on their faces showing that life hasn't been easy for them, but there was a happiness and a great bond between the family members.

Here are my favorite two portraits of the individual kids that i cannot stop looking at. Everyone was so beautiful.
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New Creative Collective! BAD KIDS ON THE BLOCK


Since 3P is now split between 3 different continents. Pai in tokyo, Mari in London and Myself back to my Native NEW YORK CITY!

Decided to start a creative collective of artist. I am looking for all of the right synergy of artist.

I started with what i know best - photography so it is currently

BAD KIDS ON THE BLOCK - photography


i hope to add more dimensions to it, illustrations, grafitti etc.

I am thinking of interiewing some new upcoming artist but will make it like a boy'band finding the right components for the group. So far it is myself, chinese american photographer, John Bush, also a photographer west coast skaeter looking guy. i met him at kendo.
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