New Life Berlin Art Festival


If anyone is in Berlin,
June 4th at KiM - Brunnen Strasse 10 / Mitte, berlin

The Back to the Streets series photos will be part of a projection show.

Very excited. I came to Berlin on a whiim, and did not do so many preparations for coming here but when i first arrived, and was sitting down for a brockwurst and beer and look up and see a big billboard for the festival and then still not recovered from the shock of seeing that i hear my name called, look to my right and there is Junko, a japanese woman I shot a denim catalog with in Okinawa. Small world!
I put up the "Back to the Streets" images up as it mixes old shopping street of Sugamo nickenamed the harajuku for grannies with the kids from the actual harajuku

by 3p_all_girls | 2008-06-05 00:21
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