New Creative Collective! BAD KIDS ON THE BLOCK


Since 3P is now split between 3 different continents. Pai in tokyo, Mari in London and Myself back to my Native NEW YORK CITY!

Decided to start a creative collective of artist. I am looking for all of the right synergy of artist.

I started with what i know best - photography so it is currently

BAD KIDS ON THE BLOCK - photography

i hope to add more dimensions to it, illustrations, grafitti etc.

I am thinking of interiewing some new upcoming artist but will make it like a boy'band finding the right components for the group. So far it is myself, chinese american photographer, John Bush, also a photographer west coast skaeter looking guy. i met him at kendo.
by 3p_all_girls | 2007-09-09 03:18 | Projects
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