Red Box Project to go to San Francisco

Look out west coast that box really does get around. Red Box has been invited to go back to it's humble beginnings in San Francisco.

The date is set in the Beginning of November 2007.

I will be showing more individual portraits. and of course the images that are on this blog, but ain't nothing like the real thing.

Here was the graphic image used to advertise the 3rd installement of the much talked about Redbox Project. At the event individuals find themselves at a multi-media art feast all thriving off a little red box in the center of the picture. One of Superdeluxe's most highly anticipated events will once again bring to the Tokyo scene the cream of underground artists from around the world each one working within their own mediums to interpret the concept that is Redbox.

The Redbox Project started 5 years ago in San Francisco as a photography project that involved taking pictures of people and situations with the notorious red box. The project grew as more photographers became involved and the little red box has made its way to over 20 countries to this day. Tokyo is now its home and the bi-annual event each time growing in size has made waves in the Tokyo underground art and music scenes.

by 3p_all_girls | 2007-08-22 00:09 | Projects
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