Party People!!

Let's give it up for The lovely Miss DJ KAORI!! for starting the night off for us.

There were tons of cool fabulous crowd and tons of other photographers there too. Satopee, tajimax, Keiko Okumura, etc.etc. and i was so excited to have met Hiroshi Homma, i saw his book the day before the opening party and really loved his work. So I was so happy when super fabulous tylist extrodinaire Kinko Abiko brought Homma to the show. I felt like a silly little girl, "excuse me Mr Homma, it's a real honor, your pictures friggin rock, can I have your autograph" I didn't get his autograph but I made someone take a photo of us two. Toko the designer for the label Nam was there as well as fellow Chandelier bar regulars, world famous TV announcer Dan Smith and ACTV/BET producer Richard Colombo, web mistress Maki Motohiro and my very good friend Vella who flew over from Hong Kong to come to the show. and i have to thank the 2 sexy boys who willing sacrificed their bare naked chests for the sake of 3P SWAK!

by 3p_all_girls | 2004-10-16 00:30 | Event
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