SM Love Hotel and 3P

Message from BECKY YEE

Pai searched long and hard to find a love hotel where 3P could do a colloboration photo shoot. But believe it or not,they are few and far between. Most of the love hotels were just boring rooms to shag in. We wanted the fantasy disco rooms, crazy themes or duplex rooms with pools and slides in them. None were to be found. The Mirror on the ceiling was a must. So finally we found one in Meguro station called Charme, but when we told them straight up that we just want to take photos for 2 hours they wouldn't rent to us and also only 2 people in the room at a time. Sex OK no sex NG. We wound up going to a SM love hotel in Azabu Juban, we lied this time and didn't tell them we were shooting there.

Can you imagine 3 women walking into a SM love hotel with lots of bags on little trolly carts. Black bags filled up with allsorts of gear let your imagination run wild here. But sorry it was just camera gear. The SM gear we had to rely on the hotel to provide. I wanted to do really raunchy set up shots I even borrowed Mark and Kanya's lesbian porno mags as research. I wanted to copy the shape of the orgy but have our clothes on and cameras in our hands, but pai and mari were too embarassed. The results were still great. very cute and pop. We had a blast, such a great memory, laughing and checking out all of the suspension stuff, chairs that pull your legs apart etc. etc.

Most of the images we took while we were all lying on the bed and shooting our images in the mirror on the ceiling. This is our collaboration photo shoot. In less than 2 hours we had taken over 2-300 photos EACH and we were exhausted, we really did have a camera orgy. These images lined the stairwell at the HP France Ginza Building and we just taped the snap shots on the wall. The pictures were so popular that over 100 images were stolen on the opening night.
So i think there are many people out there saying, "WE LOVE 3P"


by 3p_all_girls | 2004-10-25 23:43 | Event
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