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Message from BECKY YEE
I had this idea that we would try and make many collaborations together as a group name 3P which many know is bad slang for menage a trois or threesome.
I didn't want to have any group portrait when we promote ourselves to the magazines and stuff so I wanted to use our body parts and our names on some body part to distinguish us. We would be like fraternal triplets. Mari has a chest which is rare for asian girls and I have a pudgy round butt which is also rare for asian girls so i wanted to use mari's boobs, my butt and then we needed some sexual part of pais body and the crotch was a natural choice.

Natsuka a make artist at AKA wrote our names on the various body parts and then we proceeded to have a daisy chain photo session, i.e. Mari's takes my picture, I take Pai's picture and Pai takes Mari's picture. then we were snapping away with our digital cameras and one touch cameras it was really a camera orgy and it wasn't until that time that Pai finally understood the title
by 3p_all_girls | 2004-10-07 21:20 | Event
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